Introduction to Fi7ness

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Fi7ness by Jessica Wright is a 7 week home workout programme which is based around five 30 minute workouts per week. The workouts include a mix of resistance training, HIIT and cardio. You will notice this programme is structured around the magical and mysterious number 7, with 7 exercises in each workout and 7 minutes of effort in the cardio sections.

Every movement your body performs can be broken down into a series of basic patterns, often referred to as the 7 primal movements:

Push, Pull, Squat, Lunge, Bend, Twist, Walk/Run

The premise of this workout is that it focuses on these 7 movements giving you the ultimate full body workout. The exercises are based around every day key movements that your body was designed to do. Not only will this workout make a difference to the way you look but also your quality of life by impacting everything you do!

The programme is split into 3 phases that become progressively more challenging as you go. This will ultimately produce results but also allow you to set your own goals, depending on your starting fitness and motivation levels.

This is a truly unique opportunity to harness the immense benefits of the world’s most powerful number!

**Please note, to complete the Fi7ness by Jessica Wright Home Workout, you will require a Resistance Band and Fitball**

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