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STRONGER is a 12 week weights based home workout programme for anyone who wants to rapidly change their body composition. No matter what age or ability! Everything presented in the workouts can be manipulated to suit all ability levels and starting points. To carry out this programme at home you will need a small set of dumbbells, alternatively this is a great programme for taking to the gym with you. STRONGER is great for those looking to tone, build strength and ultimately burn those calories! You'll be training 4 times per week, with each workout lasting no longer than 30 minutes - the workouts are short and sweet but very intense, generating great results! The 12 weeks programme has been split into three phases. Phase 1 being the easiest (still far from easy), and as you progress through the weeks you will complete more advanced movements or be asked to perform these for a longer period of time. There will be progressions throughout the workout leading you to to Phase 3 which is the toughest phase, however by this point you'll be feeling STRONGER and will definitely be able to deal with it! Note: Most of the movements can be done with one pair of dumbbells but depending on movement and ability you may need a few different weights if you feel you are stronger on certain exercises. <- Click here to see the Workout Wall Planner