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This 46 minute combat based workout takes you on a journey into the training lifestyle of a Cage Fighter. We have great pleasure in working with Georges Saint Pierre, a UFC champion, who gives us an insight into his training & what has worked for him in the cage against his opponents. STRIKE has been designed around 12 minute rounds. Each round starts with a realistic standing fight combination that is developed over a 5 minute period so that you, the participant, understand why & where it was created. All forms of punch, Knee, Kick & blocks are used here. Following this we take you into an agility zone for 3 minutes. Covering all plains of motion & giving this combat concept a full 3D experience. Fully catered to our Champ’s way of training. A 3 minute floor section is now added. A compulsory part of cage fighting & once again a challenging training process. To complete one of our fully loaded rounds we now challenge all aspects of your training by giving you an ALL OUT 1 minute. How many times can you lace together all that you’ve learnt this round at your best pace? Now’s your time to shine. Every round carries a Standing Fight, Agility, Floor & All Out section with those timeframes & every workout has 3 Rounds. (Apart from phase 3). Once you’ve challenged yourself 3 times weekly with our 4 initial workouts (you are free to choose any of the 4 per week) we move onto Phase 2. This takes you to the next level of fitness. By removing the third round of each workout & replacing it with one of our 8 advanced rounds. A refreshed workout that we ask you to attempt 4 times a week now. You will experience more physical intensity & the choice of more complexity in the moves however the progression & guidance is always there. After 8 weeks we now believe you can endure more. So Phase 3 allows you to select a fourth round from the advanced round pool, taking your training time up to 58 minutes total, four times a week. Completing phase 3 takes you to a combat concept total of 12 action packed weeks. Every workout eases you in with a 5 minute warm up & brings you back to plant earth with a wonderful yoga based Cooldown/ Stretch. Welcome to the world of Cage Fighting. <- Click here to see the Workout Wall Planner