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HIIT has become the most popular workout in recent years primarily due to the fact it produces great results but also because it's incredibly time efficient. In the time pressured, caffeine fuelled fast line that depicts 21st century living for most of us, a workout that can slot into a short time window is more than welcome. Our approach to shedding pounds and accelerating your fitness levels is to keep it short but work as hard as you can, hence our motto, HIIT IT THEN QUIT IT! Agility exercises can put the fun back into fitness, helping to avoid one of the most common reasons why people stop their exercise programmes, boredom due to the repetitive motion of running or cycling, particularly if this is done on a piece of indoor equipment. Agility training is multi-dimensional and working through different planes enhances body awareness and your movement skill, helping to improve both sports performance and also the ability to execute simple everyday tasks. A key bonus is the link between agility levels and reduced risk of injury, so FST ensures you don't have to take a pit-stop on your journey to a fitter, stronger, leaner you. The secret to the success of the programme lies within the physiology of the body. There are 3 ways of providing fuel when you exercise, known as energy pathways and the route your body takes to keep you going is dependent upon the intensity and more importantly the duration of the workout. By creating 6 different HIIT formats deploying not just a wide range of movements to condition the whole body but critically, utilising many varied timing templates, FST will challenge and improve all 3 energy pathways, guaranteeing you achieve your goals. https://tinyurl.com/FSTWP <- Click here to see the Workout Planner