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HOTSHOT is literally like an electrifying shot of energy to the body. The workout lasts 30 minutes and offers a fat burning workout which also provides toning and strength to the body. There are a lot of explosive exercises which is a far better way to get a 6 pack rather than just doing crunches and sit ups! The programme is 6 weeks in total and includes 3 phases. Each phase will take 2 weeks and then you will progress onto the next phase. Each exercise is designed to increasingly get more challenging as the programme moves along. If you need longer on a phase you can do this. You will be performing 12 reps at your maximum of a carefully selected power move which is then followed by an active recovery. The workout continues to repeat a HOTSHOT every minute on the minute. This is a perfect way to train the body as the shock to the body spikes the heart rate and just as it’s about to come back down it happens again. You are continuously in the fat burning zone for the whole workout and afterwards. The fitness culture over the past few years has dramatically changed and we are seeing that a lot more people are not only working out but have a lot more knowledge about fitness and their bodies. In turn this means that more people have extreme fitness levels and are more able to do the workload that may have been considered an advanced workout not long ago. HOTSHOTS has been designed for exactly this reason. For the men and women who want a little bit more of a challenge, for the people who already feel fit and want to explore how much further they can take their bodies and for the people who are savvy with exercises and want to explore some more advance movement. <- Click here to see the Workout Wall Planner