Ignite Pilates

4 videos

Brought to you by Nicki Phillips of NiixFit exclusively for TV.FIT, this unique programme was created specifically for the physical and psychological needs of middle aged women who want to not just tone up problem areas but also to ignite their passion for fitness. Building achievable exercise habits can fight the natural signs of ageing and will help you to discover that it’s possible to be as fit and strong in your fourties as in your twenties by recognising that our bodies change and so our approach to exercise needs to change too. These three 30 minutes workouts feature controlled movement and deploy isolation techniques to target the under arms, hips, thighs, tummy and bra bulge. The stimulating mix of holds and pulses, in challenging positions, will effectively switch on your muscles providing an effective workout that will generate optimal results in minimal time. In addition, the focus on correct posture will not just improve the health of your spine but could also lead to you actually looking taller and leaner. Like the saying goes......life begins at 40!