Silver Sessions

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The ageing process is influenced by a number of factors but primarily, genetics, disease and lifestyle. This last variable has been show to be susceptible to manipulation and capable of impacting your life span. Not only is an active lifestyle recommended for good health whatever your age, there is growing evidence that the older you are the more important it is. Whilst exercise is of benefit at any age, 50 is a critical point after which taking regular exercise can protect you against the physical and psychological deteriorations associated with getting old. It’s never too late to embark upon a new exercise regime and enjoy lower risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and falls. Now add to that improved strength, flexibility, balance and self-esteem and our workouts for the older adult sell themselves. It’s true to say that exercise can not only put years on your life but will certainly put life in your years, even if you’re currently not active. So, if like many of us, you’re looking for the secret of eternal youth......TV.FIT has found it!