The Atlas Project: Duo Training

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Exclusively available on TRUCONNECT by TV.FIT app! Despite the depth of desire, for many it can be a considerable challenge to gain a noticeable amount of muscle mass. Clearly, not everyone wishes to be a competitive bodybuilder but on a purely aesthetic level, a few pounds of new muscle in the right places would be a welcome addition to the silhouette for most of us, especially come holiday time. The good news is that gaining muscle isn't really that difficult if know how to go about it and that’s precisely why THE ATLAS PROJECT was created. By employing scientifically proven training principles, this unique programme is guaranteed to sculpt a new you by burning fat, boosting energy and building muscle that will enable you to move heavens and earth. So if you’re busy with work, kids or studying and don't have the time to make it to the gym, you can still totally transform to your body with just dumbbells, a resistance band and a bench, in the comfort of your own home.