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Exclusively available on the TRUCONNECT by TV.FIT app! SKULPT is the brand new workout brought to you by Caroline Pearce and Jennifer Campbell exclusively for TV.FIT. After 3 years of working out and training together Caroline and Jennifer have created a system of training which they personally like to use on a daily basis. Skulpt is focused on 3 main principles - to strengthen, tone and redefine your body. Through a variety of total body and muscle isolation workouts Skulpt is a complete training programme that will benefit you in both day to day life and getting stronger in your workouts. The Skulpt programme is structured as a 7 day series of workouts that can be repeated weekly. As you get fitter and stronger and feel more confident with the workout you can start increasing the weight and move from the modifiers to advanced versions of each exercise. Skulpt is truly a programme that will grow with you on your fitness journey. Caroline and Jennifer will be with you the whole and are very excited to welcome you to the Skulpt Team!! **Dumbbells are needed - Caroline and Jennifer recommend between 5-15lbs for this programme.