Introduction to MummaFit

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MummaFit is a postnatal fitness & wellness programme for all Mums. It’s a great place to start if you have recently had a baby or had a period of inactivity and need a caring, supportive and positive start. Join Helen and Pre and Postnatal Fitness Expert Jane Wake for a unique blend of exercise that have been created for Helen and for YOU!

The programme starts with Mumma Core, where every day you’ll build in exercises that you can easily fit into your day. You’ll then build to doing our 15 minute Mumma Calm workouts and later, as you grow in your strength, Mumma Power.

As Helen says, “Being a new Mum is challenging enough! Any exercise programme has to be able to fit into this crazy lifestyle we lead and make a difference to the way we feel - and that’s the key with this programme. I hope you’ll come with me on the start of this MummaFit journey - a new way for Mums to feel fit, empowered, confident and strong.”

Whether your baby is 2 months or 20 years, if birth has had an effect on your body then this programme is for you!

Ensure you have watched our Introduction and What’s your Birth Story videos and also read our Safety Guidelines (which you will find at the end of our Intro to MummaFit videos).

Learn about MummaFit and read our safety guidelines